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The format trimmer is the optimal solution for all situations where precision is required for length and width as well as angle for wood materials in panel form. With high precision and dimensional accuracy, it is primarily used as an angle combination for raw panel production as well as in furniture production and the insulation industry. Moreover it is also possible to fit additional processing spindles with profile tools such as shiplap or nut and groove tools.

Profiles can be profiled on the workpieces after sizing by means of the profile tool on the subsequent spindles. Thanks to its robust construction and powerful tool motors, the FRBE format trimmeris ideally suited for high output.

Your benefits

  • High output due to continuous transport
  • Robust mechanism
  • High degree of dimensional accuracy, angle precision
  • Flexible profiling depending on the contours of the tools
  • Compact design
  • Good accessibility for cleaning and maintenance
  • Simple exchange of tools
  • Individual customisation to suit your application possible
  • Clean environment thanks to effective extraction
  • With free spaces for expanding processing spindles


  • Workpiece transport by precision drive belts
  • Top pressure through powered and spring-mounted belts
  • Synchronous scorer, formatting and profiling in parallel feed
  • Trimming and profiling takes place from the side
  • Units are available in fixed or controllable versions
  • Unit with fine settings via a hand wheel
  • Efficient extraction from above and below
  • Double-sided trimming and profiling possible
  • The extraction hood is equipped with wear plates
  • Available with centre cutting unit

Technical specification


  • Workpiece length 500–3,000 mm
  • Workpiece width 250–2,100 mm
  • Workpiece thickness 1–300 mm
  • Finished part width min. 500 mm
  • Feed rate up to 1.0 m /sec.

Please contact us for other options and customisations or if you have any further questions.

Figures and technical specifications are not binding. We reserve the right to make changes during the course of ongoing further development.

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