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Many years of experience and continuous further development has made Becker Sonder-Maschinenbau into your strong partner in the area of sawing. Where conventional stationary sawing technology reaches the limits of performance and flexibility, Becker through-feed saws get into action.

O8A0856Thanks to the modular system, Becker through-feed saws can be individually adapted to meet every customer requirement. The basis of this modular system is a basic saw body, which can then be fitted with any number of sawing units as well as up to two hogging units.

The transport of the workpieces through the Becker saws is based entirely on the requirements of the individual workpieces. In the area of flooring/laminates, the transportation of workpieces is carried out by means of two nip roll pairs at the saw intake and output. Workpieces whose lengths make it impossible for them to be fed in through the nip rolls can be conveyed through a special belt transport system. Very flexible sectional images at an extremely high cycle output can be achieved with the Becker through-feed saws with suction beams.

We would also be pleased to develop an individual sawing concept together with you. Get in touch with us!

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