hallo welt

The growing demand for an ever-increasing product variety in batch size 1, coupled with constantly growing requirements for increased automation, necessitate highly flexible solutions in cardboard packaging as well as in transport goods securing and product protection. Packaging processes individually tailored to the customer and the product are the focus of Becker’s packaging technology.  Every industry, irrespective of whether the focus is on wood-based materials, furniture, insulating materials or other materials, has its own requirements for load securing and product protection. At Becker, we find the right solution for you to ensure your products arrive safely at your customers’ premises. An appropriate combination of strapping technology, stretch wrapping or hood stretching together with other types of product protection, including edge protection, protective plates, squared timber and other aids, forms a complete and fully automated packaging solution. This is combined with suitable conveying and feeding technology, robots, portals and complex control technology to offer you a coordinated concept from a single source.

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