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The Becker cutting machine is the latest development for cutting flexible blanks from a total of 12 fanfold corrugated card boards. The range of cutting widths and axes enable the creation of a custom-tailored solution for you.

Efficient work steps and solutions, such as the remnant shredder, the lowerable transport unit and the movable cardboard box quick-change unit reduce unnecessary non-productive time and result in a low cycle time and thus a high piece count.

Depending on the cardboard packaging layout, up to 25% more output than a conventional cutting machine!

Alongside cardboard the cutting machine, the BZ type series offers many further optional fittings, in front of or after the machine, which automate or support the erection or sealing of the box packaging. It can thus be used in applications for an overall packaging concept.

We would be pleased to find the right packaging for your product in cooperation with you.

One system – many possibilities – your customised packaging concept!

Your benefits

  • Ergonomic belt system with cardboard box clamp facilitates threading into the cardboard box changer
  • Lowerable transport unit: Cardboard box blockages can be remedied more quickly
  • Movable cardboard box changer: advantages in case of malfunctions, maintenance and repair
  • Side-by-side capable: max. 6 sections per 2 pallets with fanfold corrugated cardboard
  • Quick changing of up to 12 fanfold corrugated boards thanks to quick-change magazine
  • Flexible: individual customer requirements can be implemented at any time
  • Sophisticated cutting head technology from our partner Packsize
  • Remnant shredder / shredding roller: no manual removal of cuttings necessary, remnants / offcuts are automatically conveyed under the machine and shredded there
  • Fanfold bend detection by sensors


  •  Created for the real high-performance number of pieces one production
  • Parallelization of the outfeed and magazine change enables the fastest possible product changeover with almost no loss of cycle time
  • Endless kink tracking is included in blank optimization
  • The BZ cutting machine is a precision machine, blanks are machine-compatible and can be automated
  • Longitudinal trimming without stops
  • Side by side capable
  • Residual length calculation in the magazines
  • Dynamic & modern control technology in cooperation with Beckhoff Automation
  • Consumption and wear analysis in various expansion stages possible

Technical Data

BZ 1 – 25

  • Max. cutting width 2.500 mm
  • Width 3.700 mm
  • Depth 2.500 mm
  • Height 2.500 mm
  • Weight 3.270 kg
  • Longitudinal machining axes 1
  • Material Wellkartonage Materialdicke: 2mm – 7mm
  • Sound level 70 dB(A)

BZ 2 – 25

  • Max. cutting width 2.500 mm
  • Width 3.700 mm
  • Depth 2.760 mm
  • Height 2.500 mm
  • Weight 3.470 kg
  • Longitudinal machining axes 2
  • Material Wellkartonage Materialdicke: 2mm – 7mm
  • Sound level 70 dB(A)

Please contact us for other options and customisations or if you have any further questions.

Figures and technical specifications are not binding. We reserve the right to make changes during the course of ongoing further development.


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