hallo welt

The box sealing machine with adhesive tape is especially well suited for use at packing stations. The top flaps of the box are folded in and then transferred to the drive belt of the box sealing machine, where the rest of the process takes place automatically. The box is sealed top and bottom with self-adhesive tape and output.  Adjustment to a new box format takes place automatically or by means of a crank to match the height or the width of the box.

The side drive belts are especially suited for universal applications with regards to the qualities of the cardboard and the dimensions. The drive of the conveyor belt is performed by two three-phase motors that run absolutely synchronously and ensure secure transport of the board through the machine.

The two sealing units work with self-adhesive tape from a width of 50 mm–75 mm. The overlap at the start and the end of the box is 70 mm. If desired, it can also be adjusted to 50 and 30 mm.

We would be pleased to put together a machine offer specifically tailored to meet your requirements – get in touch with us!


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