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O8A0905Box folding machines have versatile applications. As a specialist for product and packaging, we thereby primarily concentrate on the processing of cardboard blanks made of corrugated cardboard; however box packaging made of solid fibreboard can also be processed.

We work in the area of standard machines for box erection and sealing together with renowned manufacturers. Our specialist knowledge has enabled us precise insight into the supplier market and we can create the right solution for the most varied of customer requirements. In cooperation with our special purpose machinery manufacturing, we are able to rebuild or modify standard machines individually to match customer requirements.

Our in-house developments as well as customer-specific solutions in the area of erecting and sealing round off our range of services.

Our product spectrum comprises the most diverse sealing variants:

plastic adhesive tape, wet adhesive tape, hot glue, staples

Here, there are no defined standards – we adapt every machine to meet your requirements!

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