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Becker is also a strong partner for their customers in the area of robot technology. We use robots from various renowned manufacturers for our projects. Our customers make the selection. When it comes to the development and programming of the robots, we remain true to our concept of “everything from a single source” and carry out these tasks in-house. Alongside stacking and unstacking the workpieces, we use robots in assembly technology and also for increasing the degree of automation in packaging solutions.

Your benefits

  • Full integration capacity through flexible control and in-house programming
  • Versatile fields of application
  • Precise stacking, even of heavy workpieces
  • Broad range of workpieces possible
  • Various handling systems


  • Loading and stacking technology
  • Order picking
  • Applications in assembly technology
  • Increasing the degree of automation in packaging solutions
  • Support for the creation of cardboard packaging


Please contact us for other options and customisations or if you have any further questions.

Figures and technical specifications are not binding. We reserve the right to make changes during the course of ongoing further development.

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