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The RUST vibrating station has been designed for cleaning lock casing chips during the door panel production process. As high-pressure cleaning is not effective due to the door panel design, door panels are cleaned by vibration before locks are installed either manually or fully automatically.

Your benefits

  • Can be integrated well into complete system thanks to the compact design (can also be retrofitted)
  • Modular machine concept
  • Good cleaning effect through positioning and vibration of the door
  • Robust engineering
  • Pneumatic clamping of door panels with various thicknesses
  • Automatic system for suction removal of chips
  • Integrated roller conveyor


  • Cleaning of lock case chips during the door panel production process
  • The door rolls over the roller conveyor, is clamped, positioned and vibrated
  • Integration in assembly lines via electronic interfaces
  • Automatic feed speed for gap control
  • Retrofitting into existing production lines

Technical specification


  • Working width 1,350 mm
  • Working height 900 mm–1,200 mm
  • Material thickness 35 mm–60 mm
  • Work piece length 800 mm–3,500 mm
  •  Package weight (max)
  • Feed rate max. 60 m/min., infinitely adjustable
  • Slew drive motor power approx. 3.0 kW
  • Roller conveyor motor power approx. 1.2 kW
  • Suction output approx. 1,300 m3/h
 Please contact us for other options and customisations or if you have any further questions.

Figures and technical specifications are not binding. We reserve the right to make changes during the course of ongoing further development.

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