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Check markMachine maintenance

Timely care and maintenance enables you to reduce the costs of repair and maintenance. For this reason we offer our customers regular maintenance and inspections by our trained personnel. As a special purpose machinery manufacturer with diverse experience, we also offer you a maintenance service for machines from other manufacturers.

Check markRepair service

We follow the motto “everything from a single source”. This means that we our trained specialist personnel from different areas are available at all times. If, in spite of good service and maintenance, it is necessary to make repairs, our specialists can be on site in no time at all!

Check markAfter-sales service contract

The after-sales service contract provides you, as the customer, with an all-inclusive package for maintaining your machines and systems. We maintain a service calendar and inform you of the date of your next maintenance  appointment. We would be pleased to develop an  individual maintenance and inspection service concept for you.





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