hallo welt

A promising and optimistic event name that the partner companies used to advertise the three-day event.

The aim of the Skyways to Automation event was to show the participants in the 1 1/2 hour broadcast the latest opportunities of the automated production of environmentally friendly packaging in the field of product and outer packaging and the associated packaging systems.

The moderator of the event, Dr Ines Marbach, took the online visitors live through the many different stations.

The stations showcased solutions ranging from individual machines to fully automated packaging lines, integrated software solutions that are tailored to a customer-specific warehouse management system, and the ever-increasing range of options in the service area.

Flexibility in terms of combining the packaging with the product, just in time, while taking into account the size, design and quality of the packaging, in an output range of up to 1,000 packaging units per hour were demonstrated at one station.

Individual labelling and the insertion of shipping documents and product information is included. A fascinating solution in the field of product packaging was introduced with the project name “Carton Erector”. The fact that this project name in no way reveals the complex possibilities of this new development was demonstrated to visitors in a protected area, during which details were also presented. Taking the packaging line for winter sports articles, for Atomic Österreich GmbH as an example, the individual steps of the packaging line designed for this purpose were shown.

Various products in different sizes are packed here semi-automatically in single “1-size lots” at a rate of up to 200 units per hour.

After the event, participants were given the opportunity to ask questions via live chat, which were answered directly by the experts during a “Questions and Answer” session.

We are delighted about the great demand and interest in our Skyways to Automation live event.

Consequently, further events of this kind are being planned in addition to the scheduled exhibition dates.


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