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Packaging machine for door frames.


The necessity to have packaging available at the right time and in the right place has long been recognized and can be achieved in a number of different ways.

An extraordinary amount of space is needed to accomplish this and, due to the large number of product versions available, this can result in expensive journeys between the right packaging stack and the packing station. This does not include the time-consuming and expensive process of cutting packaging to size, which is often unavoidable. On top of that, it may be necessary to pad out every package with void fillers that also need to be cut to size.

That’s before even touching on aspects such as the cost of storage, capital commitment, purchasing manpower, warehousing and administration costs, residual quantity management and over-ordered quantities.

At this stage, the idea of an ‘On Demand Packaging®’ solution may spring to mind as a possible answer. At first glance, this term simply conjures up the notion of in-house packaging, ideally produced at the packaging station itself. Combined with RFID recognition and the associated data information, which allows users to create the right packaging for each product or container, this indeed provides the perfect answer. However, there are a number of different aspects we should bear in mind. During the project planning process, we must not lose sight of the opportunity we have to create a solution with a machine that expands to keep pace with future requirements.


Good project planning examines and embraces the following aspects:

— Total space requirement for the ‘On Demand Packaging®’ solution

— Material flow of the product and packaging materials and the finished packaging

— Possibilities and limits of packaging quality and dimensional accuracy

— Box-making capacity of the machine, including sizes and grade changeover

— Versatile packaging type options, FEFCO

— Product protection options through intelligent packaging solutions

— Reduction, or avoidance, of other types of product protection, such as Styrofoam

— Custom printing of the packaging from the outside, sales packaging

— Labeling and adding product information

— Custom printing from the inside, package labeling

— Waste reduction and waste transportation

— Use of intelligent software to reduce waste

A further aspect to consider is the versatile qualities offered by fanfold corrugated cardboard.


Services in the Becker Group portfolio also encompass solutions for subsequent order picking, pallet marking, automatic attachment of edge protection and transport securing systems.


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