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From the specific individual design to the complete packaging line – the Becker Group optimizes packaging processes and designs customized solutions.

Based on specific customer requirements, the Becker company has designed a concept for the fully automatic packaging and transport of large stacks of OSB boards.

Our customer is increasing its OSB capacity from 460,000 m3 to 600,000 m3 by 2022 and is investing a total of 27 million euros in the location. This investment is also accompanied by the modernization of the packaging.

The previous packaging and package securing process consisted of many manual, time-consuming and personnel-intensive individual steps. Becker has developed a flexible automated solution for the versatile packaging requirements resulting from the customer’s large end customer base as well as the individual packaging wishes.

The requirements range from the lateral attachment of cardboard sheets or MDF boards, the attachment of cardboard corners and cover cardboard, which must first be automatically folded and glued, and the strapping of the stacks with squared timber underneath and solid cardboard edge protection on top. The strapping is fully automatic in longitudinal and transverse direction.

Many of the tasks are performed by robots. Due to the consistent expansion of robotics at Becker, we can now draw on a wealth of experience and know-how.

ker, also known as a specialist for innovative sawing equipment, was able to present a concept here which produces customized squared timber from customer-owned wood-based panels fully automatically, with almost no residual pieces.

All conveying elements, consisting of chain and roller conveyor, designed for stack weights up to max. 8 tons are also included in the scope of delivery.

The final labeling of the pre-packaged stacks is also carried out by a robot, thus allowing maximum flexibility when positioning the label.

The control for the fully automatic process of the entire plant is implemented by the experienced control department. Becker also offers the possibility of implementing necessary interfaces to in-house ERP systems using Becker Plan E.

The Becker Plan E also includes a further specialization of the software department in the areas of PLC programming, robotics, CNC programming and high-level languages.

The project is to be delivered at the end of April 2020.

This reason, Becker is going to organize an in-house exhibition prior to delivery in order to present various system components to interested customers.




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