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O8A1217First impressions in the work environment of a profession are very important when it comes to you making a career decision.  For this reason, it is never too early to acquire work experience and information about the different job profiles, and to gain practical experience and an overview of your own professional future. We provide you with this opportunity at the Becker Group.

In order to successfully complete your work placement at the Becker Group, we require a letter detailing your desired placement period and the reason why you want to do a work placement, a CV in table form as well as your latest school report.


Degree theses

Is your study course coming to an end and is your final project, the degree thesis, forthcoming?

You have come to the right place at the Becker Group. You can develop your topic at the interface between theory and practice – in cooperation with our experts and your university.

We offer the following specialist fields:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Industrial engineering


Apply a minimum of four months prior to your planned starting date with an individual cover letter, your current CV, your performance record and a copy of your final school report.

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