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O8A1234As an industrial mechanic, you manufacture equipment workpieces or assemblies for machines and production plants, set them up and install them. You monitor and optimise production processes and perform repair and maintenance tasks. Moreover, you perform troubleshooting analyses and remedy errors to ensure the smooth-running of production processes. The work of an industrial mechanic requires manual dexterity, technical understanding and good scientific knowledge in the areas of mathematics and physics.

Training period: 3.5 years

  • Can be shortened in the case of good school performance and examination results
  • The theory component of the training is carried out by BANG e.V.


  • Good junior high school or intermediate high school qualification (“Hauptschulabschluss” or “Mittlere Reife”)
  • Good English skills

Personal strengths

  • Manual dexterity
  • Technical understanding
  • Diligence
  • You should enjoy mathematics and physics
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