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As an industrial management assistant, you work in various areas in our company. You compare offers in materials management, you handle suppliers and supervise goods receiving and warehousing. You are active in the areas of accounting and finance. There you process, book and control all operations that take place within this area of responsibility. You determine staff requirements in HR, have an input into staff procurement and selection and are involved in personnel deployment. The work of industrial management assistants requires commercial thinking and accounting abilities. Depending on the area of responsibility, industrial management assistants often have contact with customers, which is why it is important to have good communication skills, a customer and service orientation as well as an approachable manner. Organisational skills are important for planning and controlling the production of goods and services.

Training period: 3 years

  • Can be shortened in the case of good school performance and examination results


  • Junior high school or intermediate high school qualification (“Hauptschulabschluss” or “Mittlere Reife”)
  • Good English skills

Personal strengths

  • Ability to work in a team / organisational skills
  • Commercial thinking
  • Diligence and the ability to concentrate
  • You should enjoy contact with customers and suppliers
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