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Opening a new Packaging Competence Center

A huge success for everyone involved

What does the packaging of the future look like? How can I reduce material and logistics costs? What makes my distribution process faster and more efficient? In addition, how can I manage to improve my CO2 footprint?

Between April 25th and 27th, visitors to the new Packaging Competence Center and the plant buildings of the Becker Group in Langenberg got answers to these exciting questions. Altogether 365 people from 168 companies and 10 countries accepted the invitation from the Becker Group and Packsize, and in so doing showed how much interest there is in a forum like this for innovative packaging processes.

Someone who went into the Packaging Competence Center and the halls of the Becker Group over the 3 days found themselves immediately right in the middle of the exciting world of innovative and future-oriented packaging solutions. The visitor could see first hand and try out different possibilities in cutting, setting up, filling and sealing cardboard boxes. Each and every customer’s specific packaging processes could be paid attention to in personal tours.

At the 16 stops, specialists who could answer questions on the individual machines and produce sample packaging solutions as requested by the customer were also available. Besides the specific Becker and Packsize machines, several companies that have been our partners over the years also presented their innovative solutions in the field of packaging technology. “The opening of the new Packaging Competence Center was a huge success for us. With our theme days, we’ve put a great emphasis on the concept of in-house trade fairs for many years and are again overwhelmed this time as well by so much positive feedback. Customers can get to know us as a company and can benefit from fantastic new project definitions and projects for the future.” is the way Jörg Becker, Owner and Director of Becker Sonder-Maschinenbau (special machine construction) sees it.

Several months earlier, Becker Sondermaschinenbau, Becker Verpackungstechnologie and Packsize, the specialist in On-Demand Packaging® worked on it becoming a center for the almost unlimited possibilities in packaging. A combination of showroom and practice forum unique in Europe has been born. A center in which innovative packaging technologies, smart software applications and extensive accessories are always close at hand and can always be tried out. At the same time, the Packaging Competence Center is a think tank and a test center that offers customers the possibility to develop custom projects in collaboration with the Becker and Packsize specialists. From individual packaging machines to completely automated lines for the smart supply chain, solutions that are precisely tailor-made to the requirements of companies and the most varied sectors of industry are developed here. “In the Packaging Competence Center, our customers come to us with their specific ideas and requirements. Together, we look at the processes and the optimization possibilities, and develop solutions that fit the customer perfectly, pay off, and create value”, states Claus Harnisch, Director of Becker Verpackungstechnologie.

The goal of the packaging specialists is to make packaging that is too voluminous, that has much too much air in it, that involves shipping volumes and transport costs that are too high as well as damages to the products being distributed a thing of the past. Analysis combined with optimization helps to make customers’ packaging processes more reliable and efficient. Manufacturers save time and material, increase their productivity and, at the same time, consume less raw material. This has a cost-reducing and positive effect on the CO2 footprint, and is a sustainable contribution to protecting the environment. It’s no coincidence that Packsize’s guiding principle is “Smart Packaging for a Healthy Planet®” says Carsten Dickmann, Head of Marketing at Packsize.

With the official opening of the Packaging Competence Center, the center can now be used throughout the year as a think tank and creative space in which customers develop concepts and projects alongside experts. These can be tested and optimized in workshops and training courses.

We are also happy to work with you on your individual packaging processes. Set up your appointment now.

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